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Karma - What People Think! Empty Karma - What People Think!

Post by Rainboy on Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:54 pm

I am pleased to announce the introduction of Karma! Like Pings, Karma will appear directly below your post count. On every post, you will see a small + and - on the right side. These buttons will allow you to add or remove karma from someone.

Each day, members of the site are allowed twenty votes. You may not add or remove Karma more then twice in a minute, and you may use the 'thank you' button to give a lot of karma to a member who posted in a topic you created. (Can only be used once per topic, choose wisely!)

So hop :bounce:, skip and jump for joy! cheers Will you promote order Very Happy or chaos Twisted Evil, high 👽 or low scratch , good Cool or bad Mad? The choice is yours! Rolling Eyes

Note: Updated now that I know a bit more about the system. Razz
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