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Class specific tools Empty Class specific tools

Post by Elric58 on Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:21 am

Thinking along the lines of what GiGi proposed for classes (Builders (Colonists), Explorers, Collegiates), I think that each class (or sub-class) should have a tool that is specific to them alone.

The example that comes to mind is with the Colonists, who may have a couple sub-classes of Builders and 'Site Preparers' (obviously needs a better name). The Site Prep sub-class would have a tool that would 'clear the land' and the Builder sub-class would have a tool to construct dwellings and such. There would be stringent limits (per day, perhaps) on the use/placement of these tools. Also, 'colonizing' a website/location would require a Site Preparer to use his/her tool before a Builder could use is/her tool in either a 1-to-1 ratio or some other ratio deemed appropriate.

Should an Explorer class player want to 'clear this site of buildings', one of the sub-classes could have a tool to do just that, while the other sub-class would have a tool that would help 'restore' the site to it's original state. Again, stringent limits on use and a member of each subclass is needed to make this happen.

The same sort of thing would be true for the Collegiate sub-classes. One to locate new sites and 'install' a link to that site, the other to either build a facility to use the resources found or convert an existing building to such a facility.

I see these tools as a way to actually be able to measure or see which class controls which sites and be able to battle for them. The other 'tools', (weapons and armor and such) could be used in much the same fashion that they are used in TNN or NI, with possibly some twists to fit this game.

Just a thought. Needs lots of work. Criticisms, thoughts, suggestions more than welcome.

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Class specific tools Empty Re: Class specific tools

Post by GiGi on Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:20 pm

This thread has been reviewed and moved to FTL.
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