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Post by GiGi on Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:12 pm

In lieu of actual content, the editor of this bulletin has chosen to take a bit of creative licensing in hopes that the humor will distract you from the fact there is so little real news to report at this time...
Without further ado...

Our top story today:
Reboot Valley hunts for a new name. Apparently this topic isn't as easily said than done, and some of the natives here in RV are getting restless.
Quite a few names have been suggested. Several are in the running. Some of them have been chucked outright, all together (i.e. anything to do with Norse Mythology-- sorry Xen). Currently the highest contenders are ones having to do with either 'light' or 'war'. Light seems to have been quite an astronomical suggestion... and as for War in the title... well, let's just face it. Many of us here in the Valley are extremely partial to things that cause lots of destruction and go boom. The current top runners in no particular order are:
1. Faster than Light (FTL)
2. L.I.G.H.T.
3. Net Wars
4. Net Wars L.I.G.H.T.
If you down right hate all these ideas, or you come up with one on your own that you find to be tickle-your-toes-spiffy, then please post your ideas here.
A poll will be posted for all Reboot Valley residents to help us choose a new name or at least a new name for the interim) on Monday October 25th. Please have all your ideas submitted before 10am Monday.

Let the Rebranding Begin:
In a similar vein as out top story; well known resident, Vice-Mayor MMage, has posted a basic framework for our concept that all residents of Reboot Valley should stop in, take a look, and post your comments and ideas.

Some basic highlights of our rebranding include:
Nicks and Bnicks = Viruses and Worms
Nades = Missles, or S.T.A.R.s
Watchdog = Auto Turret
Armor = Shield Generator/Force Field/Shield Barrier/Screen (but not the word “screen” because that is branded elsewhere) Note: this whatever-we-call-it-thingy would need recharging so player would purchase batteries at the market.
Armor Upgrades = a stealth mode, and “overcharging” which takes out several mines in one click

As you can tell from the short list of tools and abilities above, there are many blanks that need filling in, and quite a few decisions to be made. Since the infrastructure (i.e. program code) is already designed with settings in mind, all Rebbot Valley residents are asked to please keep within the same general vein of TNN's program when you make suggestions rather than inventing whole new ones.
In short words: let's fill in the blanks of what TNN can do, before asking nonexistent programmers to create new code.

Don't wait until November to cast your vote:
Polls are up, and several will be posted in the upcoming week. Some interesting ideas have been presented on topics ranging from “what in the blazes do we call this thing”, aliens (yes, I said Aliens), and some fairly creative lore. Few real issues have been decided upon, however... and thus the reason for polls. Please check back often and cast your vote. Let your voice be heard.

In other news this week:
Early in the week Reboot Valley was overrun with frightening little bouncy faces. It took three days endurance before unseen forces banished them from the land. Thank you, unseen forces.

In financial news:
A market will be coming to Reboot Valley and it brings with it the hope of becoming the home of the next big stock market exchange. The market will also allow for tools to be both sold and purchased. This way if you collect tools that you don't use from crates or from leveling up you can trade them back to the store and purchase ones you would rather have.

Mayor Rainboy Plans for Reboot Valley to Colonize Mars in Just a Few Hundred Years
There is a lot of detail in the link provided, and it wouldn't do our good Mayor justice to merely rehash in a blurb here. Reboot Valley residents are strongly encouraged to look over this plan and weigh in on whether or not this is the direction in which we want to go. So far this seems to be the most workable plan presented at this time. If this is not a direction to your liking, please submit your ideas soon-- as we are likely to take a vote on this in the next one to two weeks.

Now to the weather...
Illeria and GiGi both agree that the purpose of cold weather is to display beautiful booted footwear, and NGinferno was caught in a storm of women's fashion while trapped by his confusion and a pile of questionable “goo”. For the upcoming week fair skies are projected, but things could become stormy again if local stores hold a good sale.

In Sports this week:
There was a veritable tennis match this past Sunday involving two members of Reboot Valley's City Council. Vice-Mayor MMage and Sheriff Loki V.1 played a riveting game of cross court tennis involving multiple game courts at one time. If you missed the match feel free to catch the recap in the logs of the game forum thread. The jury is still out on which council member emerged as victor, but we're sure one council member is glad that final Karma count was not the deciding factor.

In related news Reboot Valley's Game Forum has taken a decidedly active turn, and while not necessarily boasting of the wittiest commentation, it has the added side effect of helping us figure out just how much hogwash this free site can hold.

And now time for the lottery.
This week's Post Lottery was almost a tie between Sheriff Loki V.1 with highest post score of 131 posts, and valley resident shiv. Blackblade9, coming in at a close second with a post score 129. However, due to the spammy-ness of said posts the Lottery Commission has elected to revoke all prizes and call these wins a foul. Better luck next week.

Reboot Valley's Better Education Department is Currently Hiring Researchers, and Honors One of It's Own:
The pay is better karma and higher pings for all researchers who volunteer. We are currently in need of volunteers to research: innovative but possible propulsion systems (what makes vehicles move), the coolest and newest technology being researched for weapons, latest and greatest for armor, and what space missions are being planned in the distant future.

In an effort to kick off it's volunteer drive, Reboot Valley's Education Department honors one of it's resident veteran educators, Elric58, by naming a thread after his snazzified lingo. This thread is titled “Edumacation”, and was created specifically for the posting of research links and findings the RV Education Department will find useful. You can find it here.

Editior's note: the development doesn't need to be finished for any of the research topics. Since this game will be placed at least 1000 years into the future we'll just go with the idea the research has been finalized and products are currently in use.

That sums up the news tonight here in Reboot Valley.
Keep plugging, keep posting, keep thinking, and keep creating.
But most of all-- keep up the good work.

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